Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Process of a He-Man painting

 I may still add a few strokes at this point, but its nearly finished.

 I was definitely making this up as I went along, so i was taking it pretty slow and just 
began slowly building up colors.

  A simple was in Acrylic paint.

The revised inked illustration
I was able to trace the drawing on to a regular piece of printer paper and make my drawing corrections. then I traced reverse side with a wax marker. with a coin i rubbed the wax outline on to my jessoed paper, inked it with india ink and I had a whole new illustration to work on.
 I wanted to recreated it but the other torn paper I wanted to use was too opaque for the light table to I applied some jesso and while that dried I attacked it from a different perspective.
Original sketch, I should of thought it out a bit more before i jumped on that nice piece of torn paper.

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